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We recognize that neither two floors seem to be the same. To select the right product and service for the job, we will identify the right solution for your next flooring project.

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flooring solution Baton Rouge

Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge LA

Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge

Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge LA can be a substantial expense in terms of looks, building functions, quality of air, and capital invested. Proper maintenance is critical to preserving your flooring's maximum performance, preservation, and indoor environmental quality.

Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge offers a comprehensive line of high-quality flooring products and services. As an established dealer, we will assist you in locating the appropriate product to meet the specific needs of your project while expected to remain within your funding.


Failure to devote proactively, regular maintenance can result in premature floor replacement and unanticipated costs to your end. Cleaning regularly is advised not only to improve the air quality by expelling allergens, microorganisms, and dirt from flooring but also to improve the efficiency of your investment.

Our servicing will improve the overall quality of your facility and has been shown to extend the life cycles of flooring products, resulting in a significantly lower amortized cost of ownership. We use advanced cleaning agents and processes, such as Epoxy Flooring Baton Rouge, a common choice for industrial facilities due to its durability and versatility. Epoxy flooring differs from epoxy floor coating in that it is made up of multiple layers of strong epoxy rather than just one. This means it can withstand constant, heavy traffic. It is indeed simple to clean and maintain, making it ideal.

These customized products and processes are placed in the hands of our network of trained and certified maintenance experts. We provide the proper flooring maintenance services whether a client has a single facility or multiple locations throughout the region.

Project Management

Our project managers are here to assist you with everything from objective product advice to monitoring the purchasing and installation of your floor covering. Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge is a knowledgeable, skilled, hands-on partner who will walk you through the entire process. 

  •   Jobs should be pre-walked to understand the current conditions.

  •   Specification

  •   Estimation accuracy

  •   Procession of the Order

  •   Warehousing and distribution

  •   Installation

  •   Supervision on the job

  •   Validation that all material has been installed in line with the requirements

Our competent project managers take the time to develop all aspects of a flooring project. This allows to ensure that the correct product is specified, which will operate well in its environment, avoiding early repairs that would increase costs. They also know to keep your projects on schedule.


Our installers have been educated and trained to be the right choice in the industry. They are equipped with correct methods and industry standards for installing through affiliations, manufacturers, and studies. We can ensure that our installers fulfill the most excellent installation standards in the flooring industry.

  •   Carpet

  •   Hardwood

  •   Tile

  •   Stone

  •   VCT

  •   Vinyl Sheet

  •   Tile Carpet

  •   Epoxy

  •   Carpet and tile with an ESD rating

  •   Flashcove & Seamless Heatweld

Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge installers take pride in complex installations, and our labor force includes some of the industry's experts.

Bottom Line

Our professional staff is available to assist customers in finding and selecting the best quality of service for the job. We build relationships with every major flooring supplier to present our clients with tried and proven products and new trends in flooring design.

You can count on us for dependability, prompt installation, and a pleasant customer experience. We guarantee nothing but the best alternative; Epoxy Flooring Baton Rouge is available from us. Contact us today at Flooring Solutions Baton Rouge to get started on your flooring project!

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 10380 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810, USA